Ak-Shaih Bobo fortress

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Ak-Shaih Bobo fortress is located in the territory of Ichan-Kala, Kohna-Ark, linked by the western part of the wall. According to the legends it was the sacret of Shaih Mukhtor Vali, lived in the 14-th century. Based on archeological diggings led by M.Mambetullaev and V. Yagodin near Ak-Shaih Bobo hill in 1984-1985, was built in VI-VIII centuries. In the construction of the fortress they used square side raw bricks. These kind of bricks were widely used in constructing of buildings of the early Middle Ages in Khorasm.

While exploring this fortress ceramics found in cultural layers, were widely used in the relics of the Early Middle Ages of Khorasm. Based on explorers` conclusions it was described as a stable feudal fortress built in Ichan-Kala. Similar square side fortress was also found in the South Eastern part of Ichan-Kala. The number of such fortresses and whether it was inseperable part of the city of the Early Middle Ages, is still unknown. This fortress was reconstructed at the beginning of 17-th century. The ruins of two-storeyed building, stayed on the top, were served as a observing Tower of the late ages. In the 19-th century there were cannon making workshops and gunpowder store houses in inner rooms of the historical hill. The fortress was reconstructed in 1991, and at present the tourists are enjoying with beautiful scene of the city looking through from the top of the veranda.

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