Damoi Shakhon

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In the table tomb of Damoi Shakhon rest rulers of Kokand, famous personalities of the city. The tombs of the Kokand khans were built in the era of Umarkhan, in 1825. The ensemble consists of three parts: a domed room with a portal, mosques, aivan with two columns and a family cemetery. The Shrine of Lady Shakhon surrounded by a fence, at its center are grouped a number of tombs and graves, including a marble slab over the grave Umarkhan. The facade of the mausoleum Umarkhan is very picturesque. Entrance doors tombs carved on a tree with excerpts from the Koran in Arabic, and samples of poetry Umarkhan. Severe forms of the mausoleum and its squat dome attached to the crypt austere nature of the Khans. The richness and variety of ornamental motifs applied cladding techniques emphasize the beauty of the tomb. Beauty of the decor is complemented by two carved doors - one in the portal, the second - at the entrance to the mosque.

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