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Europa-Park is a theme park and the largest in Germany, and the second most popular theme park resort in Europe, following Disneyland Paris.

Europa-Park is located in Rust, in south-western Germany, between Freiburg and Strasbourg, France.

The park is home to 13 roller coasters, the oldest being the Alpenexpress Mine Train, where a powered coaster speeds through a diamond mine, and the newest coaster being the Ba-a-a Express, a small children's rollercoaster. Europa-Park has very high capacity rollercoasters and attractions meaning the park can accommodate up to approx. 60,000 guests per day. It counted just over 5.5 million visitors in 2015, generating an estimated total revenue of EUR 30 million p.a.

It is also the location of the Euro Dance Festival.

For 2016, the park developed a new range of children's attractions, as a new themed area 'Ireland'. The area opened on 14 July 2016. New rides include the Dancing Dinghy (a Kon Tiki style attraction manufactured by Zierer), the Ba-a-a Express (a children's rollercoaster from Mack Rides) and food/drink offerings, including an Irish pub.

For 2017, Europa-Park are developing land adjacent to the park entrance as part of 'Project V'. The attraction will be some form of cinematic experience, but details are sketchy thus far. A preview centre will open late in the 2016 season to give visitors a taste of what is to come.

For 2018, they have received planning approval to build a major water park and hotel, located 1 km (0.62 mi) away from the theme park, on the road between Europa-Park and the A5 Motorway. It will begin construction in late 2016 and will cost approximately €140 million.

It is unknown if there will also be new theme park attractions in 2018.

Roland Mack has also stated he wishes to develop a high speed ICE rail link to make access to the resort easier.


Euro Dance Festival, located annually at Europa-Park since 2007, is best known for its wide range of music and dancing styles. These are Ballroom Dance, Argentine Tango, Swing Dance, Hip Hop and Breakdance. A combination of dancing classes and shows and a trade fair caters for the needs of both beginners and professionals including dance instructors and choreographers. Since its foundation it has taken place for four days every year in early spring. Europa-Park host dozens of events throughout the summer season. The biggest of these include the Midsummer Party, when the theme park hosts a fireworks display and is open until midnight. Horror Nights takes place through October evenings and features a range of halloween horror mazes, rides and shows. For the last week of the main season, the park hosts a daily firework show and music production.

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