Ata Darvaza gates

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Ata Darvaza is located in the western part of Ichan Qala. Ata Darvaza has been constructed of burnt brick during Eltuzar/Iltuzar-khan in 1804-1806. In the gates there was a room for money exchange and customs office. The reason of calling the gate in such way relates to the mosque Sher-Muhammad-ata which is located ahead of a gate and a pond. Over the past years these names were shortened and referred to “Havuz” (The Pond) and “Darvaza” (The Gate) — Ata Darvaza and Ata Havuz. There were 4 main rooms. In the early 20th century, the gates were destroyed because of road widening. In 1968 Khiva had been an­nounced as state reserve museum. The amount of coming tourists grew day by day, and due to this reason the gates demanded restoration. In 1975 the gates were restored in their old place with old form at the initiation of the archi­tect Samandar Kalandarov.

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