Novoslobodsk's Street

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The Cathedral of Saint Nicholas the Miracle Worker was once the centre of the Myasnitskaya Suburb, home to the royal butchers. This was considered the trendiest street in town in the early 18th century under Peter the Great. Here are some the places you can find in Myasnitskaya Street: the Yushkov House, a masterpiece by architect Vasily Bazhenov; the famed Chai-Kofe house-shop known as Moscow’s only building in a Chinese style; the splendid 18th-century building of the Moscow Academy of Painting and Architecture; and the Central Post Office. Nearby is Sadovaya-Spasskaya Street named after the Spasskiye (Saviour’s) Barracks and the Church of the Saviour. The street was a cultural centre of Moscow in the 19th century.

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