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Quba (also, Kuba, Guba and Kuwa) is a city in and the capital of the Quba Rayon (district) of Azerbaijan. It has a population of 38,100. The city's suburb of Qırmızı Qəsəbə (formerly in Russian: Krasnaya Sloboda, English: Red Town) is home to the country's largest community of Mountain Jews and one of the largest Jewish populations in the former Soviet Union

Guba (Quba) city originated from the riverside village of Gudial. In the mid-18th century, after moving his residence from Khudat, Hussain Ali became Quba’s Khan and raised fortress walls around the city.

He thereafter attempted to create a state separate from other Azerbaijani khanates. Nevertheless, Quba khanate, the same as other khanates, was occupied by Russia in the early 19th century and annexed by the Russian Empire under the agreement of 1913

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