Monument the "Bremen musicians"

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The Bremen town musicians is a Monument to the heroes of the fairy tales of the brothers Grimm – stands in the heart of old Riga. As you know, heroes tales – the donkey, dog, cat and rooster go to Bremen to become musicians, but along the way they encounter robbers, frighten her singing, standing on each other. Robbers flee in fear, and musicians still live in their house.

The first statue of the Bremen town musicians was created by the German sculptor Gerhard Marx in 1951 for the city of Bremen. Bronze sculpture is the main characters of the tale, standing on each other and singing the song. The monument became a symbol of the city.

Based on the sculpture, sculptor Crist Baumgartel have created similar, but the original monument in 1990. Bremen, twin Riga, gave the capital of Latvia, this monument. The twin cities as Bremen and Riga by right – Bishop albert Buxhoeveden, the founder of Riga was a relative of the Archbishop of Bremen. It is also believed that the German merchants, first landed at the mouth of the Daugava river in a century, were from Bremen (although evidence supporting the legend is not found).

The monument became one of the tour sites of Riga. And to take a picture with the Bremen town musicians seeking not only to children. Today, the nose of the donkey and the donkey is at the bottom of the composition, was noticeably lighter, because to touch it is considered a good omen. It is possible to realize three wishes, rubbing the noses of other animals. Heart's desire takes the cock, which is to reach the most difficult.

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