Dikli estate

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Dikli estate-historic possession of von der Palenov. The earliest information about the history of the manor houses preserved since the beginning of Dikļi 15 century.

The current neo-Baroque manor house built in 1869, Dikli, here is the original interior-luxury fireplaces and tiled stoves, stairs and parquet, wall panels and other elements.

Dikli is known as the place where the seeds of the traditions of Latvian theatre and song festival is here in 1818, the first theatrical performance was shown in Latvian-f. Schiller's play "the robbers", and in 1864, here came the first song festival, organized by the priest and writer Ûrisom Nejkenom.

Dikli estate is open for inspection, it also operates a hotel, restaurant and leisure complex. Near Dikļi Manor farm buildings are urban homesteads and Park.

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