Raja Ampat Regency

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Raja Ampat regency is one of wonderful destinations in Indonesia because of the magnificent nature scenery and coral reef. The capital city is located in Waisai.

This regency has 610 islands. Four of them, are Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo Island that become the major islands of all. Among the entire islands, there are only 35 islands that are inhabited while others are uninhabited and mostly do not have any name yet.

Raja Ampat is a new established regency. The new capital city of Waisai in Waigeo Island had just been developed and was not yet dubbed as "metropolitan". It was Saonek instead, a small island that could be reached in five minutes by boat from Waisai, and it was a busy fishing and trading island, which inhabited by people who came mostly from Ternate, Halmahera, Buton, and Makassar.

Outside of Saonek and Waisai, Raja Ampat is still an archipelago where there are natives of Biak, Maya and Ondoloren ethnics. Those tribes are live in harmony with the nature.

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