Tour-Khan (mausoleum )

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Another well-preserved mausoleum is the mausoleum of the Tour-Khan near the village of Upper Terme, near Chishma, 50 kilometers from Ufa.

According to legend, the construction Turahana constructed in XIV-XV centuries, was "Court House", where trials were held. Nearby was a stone mosque entrance to the mausoleum in a single ritual and architectural ensemble.

Lived Tour Khan so long ago that the information about him is very small, "Tour-Khan - by tradition a descendant of Genghis Khan, wandered near Tobolsk in the XIV century and then, because of the strife with relatives migrated to the 8000 tents within the Bashkir Slack land on the river. Here are the ruins of his residence. " According to another version, the "Tour-Khan was the brother of another, more formidable Bashkir khan Basman, which consisted of a horde of 17,000 tents. Under his authority were all the lands on both slopes of the Ural Mountains. Tour-Khan was involved in a civil war between the leaders of two warring hordes - BBC Tyuryakom and Altakarom, during which he was killed. "

In modern history textbooks found information that Tour Khan rules in Bashkortostan at the beginning of the XVI century. In shezhere Burzyan, Kipchak, and userganskih tamyanskih Bashkirs narrated that on the mountain Turatali on the White River Tour's headquarters Khan. "He was autocratic Khan Bashkir people. His son was Kusem Khan. In those days, was the Battle of Khan Burak shed, the events were due to land and water. " Tour-Khan was killed along with his brother Basmane rival - Leg Altakarom.

The name of the Tour-Khan also bind a legend saying, that, having moved to the land of Bashkir, at first he lived in what is now Ufa "fucking fort" (now there is a sanatorium "Green Grove"). But the neighborhood he had the unenviable - down the mountain, in a cave on the banks of Karaidel ("black river" in Russian), lived a dragon who was called Zealand devouring people. Because of this, the Tour-Khan had to raise his Horde and go to the places where he is now his mausoleum. That was then the dragon, history is silent. But they say that the cave in which he lived, flooded risen to the level of the river ...

Tour Khan Mausoleum was built of rough-hewn stones. It is based rectangle 6,6h6 meters. At a height of 1.8 meters wall pass into the octagonal pyramid and finish vaulted dome. In the mausoleum there is a small rectangular annexe, serves as the entrance. The thickness of the walls - more than 1 meter and a height to the cupola - 8 meters.As described by VS Yumatova (1845), has been at the top oak door with a protruding pin heel and to strengthen in the recesses of the stone.

To get to the mausoleum of Khan Tour is very simple: from Chishma to villages Upper and Lower Baths laid asphalt road. The mausoleum is located 100 meters from the road on the hill, you can reach it in winter and summer.

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